SHENGXU GASKETMechanical Gasket Manufacturer

The factory is located in a beautiful and fertile coast of the East China Sea Lu qiao Taizhou, China, which is in the South of Huangyan airport and near to the 104 State Road for its north, strategic location, the traffic is convenient. Our factory make the design, development, production, sales and services for the integration, specializing in the production of motorcycles, garden machinery, LP cutting machine mechanical gasket manufacturers for the domestic provinces and cities internal-combustion engine plant, petrol generator plant, motorcycle factory agricultural machinery factories, water pumps and other factory sectors of the many ancillary manufacturers, was well received supporting units.
Since the factory was created in 1997, after all members of the factory's tireless efforts, the spirit of "quality first, Reliance, "the concept of business and manufacturing, and for continually developing new products and gradual integration between the WTO, along with the right to make their own decisions flexibility so that the factory is continuously developing even though in the fierce market competition, we also has been affirmed domestic and foreign customers. In supporting products on the basis of more in Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States sold far away, products cheaper than high-quality, sales service sincere in place, well received by all users, making it the industry in the crowd.
Henceforth, we will always stick to high-quality products, the most preferential prices and their clients, pursuing a win-win situation, and seek common development wholeheartedly welcome visitor, phone, letter in business negotiations.

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